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Thread: Belting up for classic Desert Boots, Supergas, Brutuni Tan Double Monks & Sperry...

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    Belting up for classic Desert Boots, Supergas, Brutuni Tan Double Monks & Sperry...

    I'm trying to decide what type of belts I should go with for my classic desert boots from Lands End (Dark Cement) and white canvas Supergas as well as the Brutini Tan Double Monks ...

    So here's my understanding- belts match in a "similar" manner, not necessarily a direct match in color or texture/matte. Since that's my school of thought (I'm open to being corrected or other theories) then I should be in a suede or maybe a rugged cotton or braided belt that's similar in color(?) for the desert's and the Supergas... a white belt? I have fears of the Herb Tarlek look...

    Here's what I have currently -

    this belt for jeans- can a man wear this with suede deserts or would that look bad? I'm thinking bad ... even my dark leather Chelsea boots might not look right ...

    I also have the Wheelman & Co Brown Thomas belt from Maxton Men which I was thinking as more of a summer type with the sahara sperry top sider boat shoes.

    I also have a couple of darker braided distressed leather with an antiqued buckles from timberland

    Plus, a reversible BR black and brown belt with nickel buckle (it is pretty beaten-up so it too needs replacing but a black dress belt is an easier one to go with for the my black cap toes and a darker brown will go with the burnished AE Strands)

    Would anyone wear any of the belts listed/mentioned above with the Supergas?

    Here are my other ideas that I'm considering purchasing to go with the desert boots:

    I'm thinking I'll return the Floto if the consensus is it won't really work with the deserts or the sperrys... (I do have a Johntson and Murphy drivers that are very similar in color to the Floto)- the only other thing I might have to go with the Floto belt is the Giorgio Brutini Tan double Monks that Joe zeroed in on last week- but monks have the antique brass buckles and the Floto belt is nickel (but the Floto might dress down the Brutini's so I would still need a dress brown with an antiqued brass for the Brutini's as well- maybe double use it with the Strands?)
    Not sure how well the Floto nickel and the antiqued brass on the monks would look or am I really splitting hairs when I talk metals on belts and shoes (and watches and rings)?

    So in sum: My school of thought is belts and shoes should be in the same ball park so:
    1)Suede or cotton braided in similiar color for the dessert boots
    2)beltless with supergas
    3)Floto belt(maybe the wheelman &co Thomas in Brown) might work with the drivers and to dress down the Brutini Double Monks if metals don't clash but I'd still need a dress belt for the monks and strands
    4) Braided leather for the Sperry Top Siders in Sahara
    5) Seems like I'm a little short on the Chelsea boots- maybe the wheelman&co Thomas Belt in Brown(?)

    Sorry for being all over the place ... just a lot going on and want to avoid looking like an idiot after spending the time and money
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