I can't agree with you more pratyk. I don't want a heavy bag to lug around. I'm a university student without a place to stash anything on campus. On paper writing days I need to carry a bunch of journal articles, a couple books, my laptop, water bottle, coffee mug and all my writing utensils. Since I usually walk to campus, I don't want the bag adding much weight to that. Anything that fits my criteria at a B&M store is up in the $300 range. I have a Saddleback wallet that is built extremely well, but I find that it is simply to big and bulky. It is gorgeous, but I prefer to carry my card case around.

My hope is to find something that is elegant and can carry all that I listed above while lasting me the next four years or so. I'm planning on being in law school in the fall, so something somewhat professional without being an outright briefcase is on order. I expect that one of my many lawyer family members will give the time honoured law school graduation gift of a briefcase when the time comes.

So in short:
Decent leather, $100-200, handle attached to the top, should strap, and enough space to fit all listed above. I haven't been able to find something that meets all of my criteria anywhere but Etsy with the item coming from China.

PS I hope I'm not thread-jacking. I think we have very similar wants here.