I am in the market for a watch, and I am looking for something like a field watch with a fairly minimalist design, preferably no bigger than 42mm with my smaller than average wrists. This will be my first watch, and I want something that will go with just about anything in the casual to “smart casual” range. I am partial to the brown leather strap although I realize that I can always buy a new strap. This is the main one I have been looking at albeit a little pricey: http://hamiltonwatch.com/en/gents/kh...40mm/H70595523 Buying a leather strap for something like this Seiko might be a cheaper option to consider: http://www.amazon.com/Seiko-Sport-Au...pd_sim_watch_5 As someone who has never bought a watch before, I was hoping to get another opinion. Also, I like the white or beige colored dial better than black, but will the beige dial will be as versatile as white or black? (If I spend $500 on a watch I want it to be versatile)