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One tip. Go into a high-end menswear store and look at all the brands — hell, even some Marshalls would work. That will recalibrate what you're looking for, I think.
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>_> Or read several thousand pages of the Thrift Bragging Thread over at StyleForum (that's what I did). <_<
Both good ideas. The fun in thrifting for me isn't finding a $70 pair of Timberlands for $20, it's finding a $450 pair of Alfred Sargents for $20. The closest consignment shop to me (where I've listed stuff too), is run by women who generally have no idea what high end men's clothing should be priced at. Brands that are more trendy or have more name recognition in the fashion world (or that also make women's clothing) are always marked much higher than an exceptional men's manufacturer. An Armani suit might be priced at $250 and right next to it an Oxxford SC might be $25. Wrong size, but I once saw a mint Turnbull & Asser tux shirt priced at $15 and mixed in with all the Banana Republic and J. Crew $12-18 shirts.

In NYC it's a little different. At my favorite men's consignment shop in NYC, they know the brands and they are priced appropriately but I've still gotten some amazing deals, especially with one particular super-premium brand that dumps their unworn samples there.