I read Dappered daily. I'm not much of a forum guy, but since I heard about Deo-Go from Joe and it has been featured on the site more than once, I wanted to share a quick customer experience.

I bought my bottle of Deo-Go back in December of 2010, and have been praising it highly ever since. A few weeks ago I noticed that my favorite white oxford was just beginning to show the slightest bit of staining. Wanting to ensure I took care of it before it became a problem . I reached for my trusty Deo-Go, aimed and sprayed, but along with the magical stain eliminating mist, I got a squirt of rust infused liquid. I was really surprised. It seemed that something in the Deo-Go reacted with the spring inside the pump head and caused the spring to rust. Not only was I out a bottle of Deo-Go, I was also out my favorite shirt. I made various attempts to remove the rust stain, and while I did get it to fade, it was still noticeable.

So I shot an email to Deo-Go to share my story and request a replacement bottle of Deo-Go, and reimbursement of for my shirt. I sent an email on Friday and received a response on Monday thanking me, apologizing and very pleasantly agreeing to of course send me a replacement bottle and reimburse me for my shirt. The payment was sent to my Paypal account within a day.

So, if you use Deo-Go and haven't used the bottle for a while, make sure to do a test spray on an old towel, or at least spray a few into the sink to clear the pump head, but know that if your Deo-Go ever fails you, the company stands behind their product.