I posted this elsewhere and was advised to come over here. I originally saw the Frye's here and fell in love. I've dedicated $1k to adding to my wardrobe and was planning an Indochino Essential Navy suit, their longer trench in olive and a pair of boots that can be dressed up or down (my brown oxfords look a bit out of place with cords).

The boots I ordered got cancelled. So much for 'In Stock.' I had a coupon code that made them nearly a hundred bucks off and now I'm not so willing to pay full retail.
These are the Walters: http://goo.gl/5EuWF

The other contenders (I really want USA made and a welted wooden sole):
http://goo.gl/jQDDj - Frye Arkansas Brogue
http://goo.gl/14ViS - Frye James
http://goo.gl/0PEbF - Danner Jack 5" (not US made)
http://goo.gl/9xdtc - Redwing Beckman
http://goo.gl/5EVDm - Chippewa Sundance
http://goo.gl/Oj3Ce - AE Dalton

Thoughts? I want something that can dress up grey chinos or brown cords and dress down a navy suit possibly.

Thanks for all advice!