I'm thinking Vincero 3 piece in grey and also a white vest(Think that could be interesting to wear casually)

But there is the option for the grey herringbone blazer and either a 3 piece essential(herringbone or charcoal) or 2 piece essential and a vest of some sort

Or 2 essentials I guess,
My issue is, for the $500 i'm paying for the Vincero and all the reading about Indochinos recent problems and lack of quality;the same fused hybrid is used in the Vincero line! WTF & indochino-review has had some postings about missing canvassing in lapels etc. really has me worried.

That gray just seems to stand out and it is 130s but that whole fused thing concerns the heck out of me. I could order, take it to tailor to see what he thinks and then return it if there's any concerns I guess. Anyways, suggestions, other ideas etc.

I have a lighter grey 3 piece from DragonInside coming.