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Ok, I know it's not scotch, but Im now drinking Whistle Pig rye... Outstanding. If you like rye, this is something you need to try.
Be careful calling Whistlepig a Rye! I'm stubborn when it comes to labeling American spirits. Whistlepig is purchased and imported from a Canadian distillery (Alberta Distillers) and bottled in the US. Many say its the colder climate that gives it a more restrained taste. Doesn't make it any less tasty, I just don't necessarily consider it an American Rye. I never like when companies try to trick consumers through marketing. The whisky itself is quite good although for its price I personally prefer Rendezvous Rye, Willett Rye, and even Rittenhouse but I tend to gravitate towards bigger bolder profile whiskeys. If you like Whistlepig you should try Lot 40 if you can find it. It's basically a more aggressive version of Whistlepig and its damn good.