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Thread: How important is a conservative suit for an interview?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toomoody View Post
    I work in legal recruiting, so I am regularly advising candidates on how to dress for interviews. Conservative suit is the correct call for any law firm (even the casual ones) and most in-house jobs too. But we work with a decent number of startups, and for those you generally do not want to wear a conservative suit. I advise candidates to dress down a bit for those interviews because it shows they understand the culture of the company. So sportcoat and slacks or suit w/o a tie. This may be specific to lawyer interviews, where part of what the lawyers want to convey is that they are not some stuffy lawyer who will just be a roadblock to innovation.
    I'm an IP lawyer, and I purposely dress down when meeting with startup clients, or when pitching to a prospective client with that vibe. What I want to convey is engineer who happens to have a law degree, not lawyer who happens to have an engineering degree.

    Fortune 500? Conservative suit and tie for all meetings. Even just lunch with in-house counsel.

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    This is context-specific but you can also just ask the recruiter/hiring person what the dress code in the office is.

    I'm an attorney so default to suits for interviews, but I interviewed a few years ago at a giant tech company and the recruiter specifically told me beforehand not to wear a suit and tie (I ended up going with sports coat + trousers, no tie). No reason not to ask.

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