She did it in front of the desk, flat-lying on the ground, appeared to be sleeping. Really really take her clothes of mourning called keep. She was unable to stretch his hand along her hands to the ground, he saw the two beaches of dark red blood, blood continues to flow out of the new. He was shaking, but snarl of a voice: "Xiang Yi! "Rushed to her side, he lifted her head up, her eyes close from ear, eyebrow tip lightly pressed, as if there's more than enough of hurt and pain. Tears on her cheeks still new, but breathing has stopped. Kabun shout a loud, picked up her hand, blade across her wrist deeply, wound deep,oakley pit bull silver visible when her hand is determined to a large, superficial wounds on the other hand, blood flow a lot. Kabun heart almost stopped, he looked at her wild, shaking her, call her: "Xiang Yiom where to start. Jia Wen looked at her eyes, not aerobic said: "why do you stared at me? You are a pair of demanding to face, it's no wonder

Hold her, put her to bed, he untied her collar, futile trying to figure out heat of her body. Huge befuddledoakley split jacket gold he even forgot to send for a doctor. However, neighbors have been around to watch the window, reports of doctors and police officers in places, doctors don't have much time to diagnose, Xiang Yi's time of death at about five o'clock in the morning. "She died a few hours! "The doctor simply put, left the bed. "No! "Snarl, threw himself in front of the bed:" she is not dead, and she will not die, she was lying to me, "he rubbed her, rubbing her, looked at her beg. "Xiang Yi, Xiang Yi," he called out of the miserable. "You talking to me, Xiang Yi, I listen to you, really, Xiang Yi, I will do whatever you ask me to do, I don't bet, absolutely do not gamble, Xiang Yi,