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Thread: "Dressed up for work"

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    I alternatively reject people who wear sweaters without a collared shirt beneath. Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to.

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    Yeah definitely know what look you are talking about OP. I had a moment a couple of days ago where I was walking to lunch and I noticed this group of 6 guys sitting near a fountain eating their lunch. Every single one of them had an ill fitting light blue or white solid shirt with black or charcoal pants and crummy black "dress" shoes. They were dressed "nice" in the sense that their clothes didn't have holes in them and they weren't wearing graphic tees but in no way would I consider them dressed well. They simply looked like poorly dressed corporate drones.

    How to avoid that look? I think it is pretty simple. Focus on fit first of all. Even if you are wearing the corporate drone look if your fit is perfect you will look better than most people anyways. Second focus on the shoes. It is completely true that women notice shoes on a man. More than half the random compliments I get from women on what I am wearing are about my shoes. Third focus on patterns. Checks, stripes, or whatever break up the look a tad. Fourth wear something different. That can mean different colors, a jacket, or even different materials. Fifth accessorize. For a closer inspection a nice belt, pocket square, tie, or glasses (vision or sun) can set you apart from the drones.

    I think that fit and shoes are good places to start also because they are the least likely to set you apart in a negative way. The other stuff is a lot more noticeable and will get comments which since you are dressing for work may not be an outcome you are looking for.

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