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Thread: Resale shops

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    I pass a store called Rethreads every day, but I never noticed it until today. They will give you 30% of what they expect to sell the clothes for if you take cash, or 50% if you accept store credit.

    I hear ads on the radio all the time for Plato's Closet, but I get the sense that they pay peanuts and charge a premium for their used clothes.

    My experience until now with resale shops is exclusively kids clothing which has served us very well.

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    My sense of consignment shops (though I have no real experience) is that you will find betters deals by going through the thrift shops yourself, and you will make more money selling your stuff on eBay. The only thing the consignment shops have going for them is convenience.


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    My wife likes buying and selling at consignment stores. I've never tried, but we have a large load of stuff to take down there so I guess ill get to see what its all about. We have a lot of Banana Republic-type stuff that wont sell well online.

    If they aren't able to come in SIGNIFICANTLY lower than a retail store's clearance prices, ill be very unimpressed.

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