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Thread: Yo; do any of you people do web design? Wanna do some for me?

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    I need something done. E-commerce. I've looked at the template sites (woocommerce, big cartel, spotify), and just wasn't happy with what I saw there. I've spoken with a couple design businesses, and much as I wish I could use them, I just can't afford to right now. I've got a mockup I did in photoshop, some decent branding direction, and products ready. I just don't know how to write CSS...or whatever else I'd need.

    If you're comfortable with this, and can agree to keep my stuff secret until it's released, please email me. Doing this with someone from here would be fun for me, and add something to the experience. Btw; I'm not looking for this for free or anything, but just not able to do corporate-tier fees right now.

    Product is menswear accessories and edc-type stuff.

    Email is this username at gmail.

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    Hola Shawn.

    I wish I could help, but it's a matter of timing for me. I actually do web work for a living and I have experience with online credit card acceptance, but grad school soaks up so much of my free time. :-S It's a neat idea, though. I'm certainly available if you have any questions, though I don't think I have the time to devote to a full-scale project between work and the MBA.

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