Since there’s no comment section I figured I’d post about it in threads in the hopes that Adam reads the forums.

Overall liked the review and thought there was a lot of helpful stuff. One thing that I thought was potentially confusing was the sizing, where you say that it runs small and guidance is to go half a size up.

Obviously YMMV and everyone’s feet are different with different preferences for fit, so getting that out there first. You measure as a 10.5 D/E brannock, so going true to size would be taking a 10.5D/E in dress shoes. But you say you take a size 10D in dress shoes, but those are in lasts where vast majority of people go half a size down (Barrie and Leo). I think for most people the more accurate advice would be to stick with your normal size (with caveat that the shoe runs narrow) - otherwise if the only thing people read is to go up half a size they’re likely gonna be disappointed.