It has suddenly become a challenge to find a classic white tee -- in cotton, with the enhancement of a few percent of Lycra or Spandex or such for stretch.

BR and Gap, which are my go-to brands for this sort of thing, are carrying only solid cotton now. Jockey sounds like it might have an answer, but some of the reviews complain that the neck of the tee does not have stretch and quickly starts to sag.

I prefer to pay no more than $20 for a tee and a couple of years ago I wouldn't have dreamed of paying that much.

BTW, I am not talking about a tee to be worn strictly as underwear (which is usually a thinner fabric), but one that I can wear in public without feeling that everybody can see through my shirt.

Or should I go merino? Three times the price, but the one I have is comfortable and looks nice.