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Nice find with the Williamsburgs. I can't actually distinguish any noticeable flaws from the pics except when you really zoom in.

You can try going over the funky spot on the Nomad with a suede brush or a scotch brite pad. Technically what you are supposedly doing is raising nap that might have gone flat, but if the spot is truly bald, this might not work except perhaps to add new texture to where there was none before, thus blending it together with the not-bald part. That said, I would not have noticed it if you hadn't mentioned it, and it's suede so it'll get covered in dings and dents soon enough anyway, right?
Thank you for your comments. Iíll try the suede brush and see if it helps. I didnít think it was too bad at first but then my wife commented on it which got me thinking that it was noticeable. Iím hoping I can save them because at $150 these are a steal.