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Thread: JCF Tux fit

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    JCF Tux fit

    I need a tux for a wedding, the groom is using theBlackTux, but has said that I can wear another Peak lapel tux. I tried the used route on eBay, but that didn't work out.

    So I am thinking about the JCrew Factory tux, does anyone have advice about the fit or an alternative suggestion?

    I am a 41 r, so I often wear 42r or 40r depending on the fit. For pants I wear 32 w for most jeans, although my waist is really 34.

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    I haven't tried the JCF Tux but I have other JCF Thompson suits and I think they're fine. As with anything it'll all depend on your body-type, and of course a little tailoring will always go a long way. (Even if something fits well off the rack, tailoring will definitely next-level that shit.)

    For my wedding I got a tux from Oliver Wicks and it fits wonderfully. I think I'm at the point in life where a solid black tux is an investment, and Oliver Wicks makes some great made-to-measure suits. They even give you a tailoring credit in case you need to make changes once you receive the product. If you only plan to wear a tux this one time then I think JCF would be fine. But if you foresee yourself wearing them a lot then perhaps a higher-quality option makes more sense. Hope that helps.

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    I had a JCF tux several years ago before upgrading to a Suitsupply tux. My main issue with all JC/JCF suits - especially since I've been eating and lifting a lot more in recent years - is the very aggressive waist suppression. Basically I think they fit ok if you are quite slender (which I used to be). But if you have a thick/muscular trunk or, heaven forbid, an actual belly, I think most J.Crew stuff will be too narrow in the waist.

    In terms of quality, it's one of those things where you get what you pay for. But honestly for a one day event and a few photos it just needs to fit reasonably well, it doesn't need to be amazing quality.

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