I tried posting this over on the watchuseek forum but I can't include links there so I'm hoping everyone here can help out. I'm looking to upgrade my timex weekender that crapped out on me. I've done some research but having a hard time making a decision. I am looking for some guidance.
Here is the watch I'm trying to replace: https://www.timex.com/timex-standard...2T68900VQ.html

I am looking for a quartz with a blue faced dial. I really like the Hamilton Khaki Field watch: https://shop.hamiltonwatch.com/hamil...ld-quartz.html

I also found this Alpina startimer which I really like: https://us.alpinawatches.com/collect...cts/al-240n4s6

I am looking to spend about $300 - 400 and have found the Alpina much cheaper on grey market sites than the Hamilton. I am concerned that the Alpina is a big watch. I know my timex is a 41 and the Alpina is only a 42 but it looks much bigger. I am also concerned the orange numerals make it almost too casual, although I like to look of the watch. What are your thoughts on these watches? Any alternatives I should look at?
Thanks in advance.