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Curious for those that use a dark dial, say black, do you ever worry that it may clash with a navy suit or not go if wearing non black other items like belt and shoes?

That’s always what’s steered me to white and gray for my watch faces for the ones that see daily use. Thoughts? Am I over analyzing?
I used to but in the watch world, black is neutral. For navy suites, I still chose to wear a cream dial watch because I cant totally get behind that but for everyday wear with something like a navy sweater, I dont worry about black dials clashing. And i wear black dials on brown leather straps with brown shoes/belt all the time. Black and brown match. the "rule" is to match all your leathers. a black dial with brown leather strap or steel is perfectly fine. If I had to pick a single watch out of my watch box, it would be the black dialed hamilton khaki on steel. I would wear it with anything except a tux, and for a tux I would probably not wear a watch at all.

and it should be noted that the only black items in my wardrobe are technical gear for caping/hiking. I dont even have a pair of black cap toes (GASP). I just dont like black leather or black as a primary color on clothing. it reminds me too much of when I didnt know how to match colors and just wore black with everything.