I am thinking about picking up my first watch and have been eyeing the new Orient Maestro. In any case, my watch will have a leather band. I am not a big fan of metal bracelets. I typically prefer minimalist looking watchesand initially wanted the Maestro with a white dial and blue hands. I am wondering if it stands out a bit too much. I have been considering going with the blue dial and that brings me to my question.

Is the dark blue dial flexible enough to wear with any color / business casual / sportcoats etc? I would not say it is a casual watch and likely wouldnt wear it overly casually, but just want to make sure it wont be out of place in a business casual setting and with all colors of dress shirt etc.

Thoughts? I initially was leaning bambino but i just cant get past that weird strap size (21mm)! The Maestro is a 20 like the Bambino should be.

Maestro white - https://www.orientwatchusa.com/colle.../ra-ac0e02s10a
Maestro blue - https://www.orientwatchusa.com/colle.../ra-ac0e04l10a