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Thread: During this sale, I'm wondering if the AE Independence Line is a True Upgrade

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    Got the shoes, AE Jefferson 2.0, and true to what seems to have become AE standard practice in regard to what they ship me, these shoes should be seconds.

    The edges of the soles where not properly stained/dressed black, but have exposed brown areas in several places (my wife noticed before I did). The leather has what appear to be blemishes or scars--they are small and on the of the upper. On top of the that, the shoe box was moderately damaged. Which bugs me because I like to store my shoes in the box.

    Also, I think it's a cheap-out upgrade to supply just one shoe bag for two shoes--a shoe bag that is only large enough for one shoe. If I weren't going to store the shoes in the box, what good does one dust bag do?

    But I will keep them. I got them for the price of a factory second, about $290, they fit very well, the leather is quite nice, and touching up the missing black stain on the edge of the sole is no big deal. Also, the small blemishes will not be noticeable, especially after a coat or two of shoe cream.

    BTW, while the leather is quite nice and soft, I think the Horween Dublin leather on my AE Stirling boots is just as nice. Those were seconds and I don't notice any difference in the quality at all. Indeed, that box came with slight damage as well and the leather was a tad bit creased.
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