Iím moving from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest (PNW). So pretty cold winters with some snow to a more mild winter that is constantly wet. My two main questions are on footwear and outerwear.

Currently when we get snow I wear LL Bean boots into work and then change into dress shoes. Once the storm has past and the sidewalks have been cleared I can bypass the boats. However, in the PNW I have to count on rain everyday. I would rather not wear boots in and change to shoes everyday. Especially since I tend to walk between buildings at work. What recommendations do you have?

Second, I have a wool overcoat for the cold and tan trench coat for the mild and wet days. The tench would work in the PNW, but thereís no hood (and I donít want to be the one odd duck using an umbrella). Any recommendations on a versatile coat?

I enjoy wearing sport coats and blazers, but it is not required for work. I work in pretty typical business casual environments which can lean more casual.