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So I took your advice and ordered the Lazio one size up. I also read up a lot on the differences between suits, blazers and sports jackets.

Overall the jacket fits well. Shoulders, sleeve length are very good and I like the narrowness at the waist. The armholes seem to be higher then what I am use to but not uncomfortably so. I'm not sure if it is a result of the narrower shoulders in the cut or if they are in fact higher.

I read that sports jackets are roomier to allow a layer like a sweater underneath while suits are designed to be more form fitting with blazers somewhere in between. While the jacket fits well and there are no signed of it pulling when buttoned at the back or the waist I think a sweater would make the jacket pull. That's fine by me as I planned to wear it without having several sports coats that are roomier (BB Madison fit) where I can layer sweaters. I would says this fits more like a blazer although the buttons are brown not silver or gold (I know the metal buttons on a blazer rule isn't written in stone either).

Most importantly when I tried it on my wife instantly complimented me on the look and especially the fit. She tends to like my jackets more form fitting.

Thanks all for the education and helping me to get a nice addition to my wardrobe.
Glad to hear it. Yes, the armholes are a bit high, but that's typically seen as a desirable feature nowadays (as lower armholes, while more comfortable/accommodating, often mean that the jacket doesn't drape as nicely when you move your arms). Personally, I would prefer them to have lower armholes, as I'm a bit broader in the arms proportionally.

I don't necessarily think that sport jackets are made to be roomier to allow a sweater underneath. You sometimes see people size up to accommodate for that, but as far as I know, the Lazio suit jacket measurements are identical to the Lazio sport jacket measurements at SuitSupply.

Generally, I think SuitSupply really punches above its weight when it comes to details (bolder lapels, surgeon cuffs, etc.) and fabrics (sourced from notable Italian mills, lots of texture, interesting wool/linen/silk/etc. blends), and the latter is especially easy to notice and to get compliments on.