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Thread: Booze free January - and beyond?

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    Well here we are, day 21 and no issues. I even met up with a buddy after work today at a local pub. He had a pint and I downed a cran and soda. No trouble/worries.

    For after serious workouts (like long runs or extended stretches on the spin bike) I have started drinking Vega Sport Recovery drink. I don't really know if the recovery drink is having any effect on me, but I do like having something to drink after my workout.

    On Sunday for example I did a 19k run. Thanks to the cold temperatures, the recovery drink that I had mixed at home and left in the car, was nice and cold. That drink hit the spot and my craving for anything else was pretty much gone.

    I haven't seen any weight loss yet, but then again I have only been on the wagon for 21 days.

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    @DocDave you can also add Glutamine to that drink ( if it doesn’t have it) 5G is plenty to help with “recovery”.

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