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So, I'm wondering if it's worth ordering a pair of these while they're on sale. Has anyone owned some of their recent shoes for a decent amount of time? Do they hold up reasonably in terms of durability, and comfort when you're wearing them all day?
You may have already pulled the trigger at this point, but I thought I'd throw in my two cents anyway.

I bought a pair of black single monk straps from BR about 4 years ago. I wear them to work approximately 1-2 times a week (mainly walking on carpet and tile) and have been doing so since I bought them. I've actually been pleasantly surprised with how they have held up. The only real signs of wear/damage are on the sides of the heel sole section where some of the black paint has scuffed away. However, a quick touch up with a black sharpie and those marks are gone. I haven't had any issues with comfort either.

Considering I bought them for around $70 during a sale I would say they are definitely worth the money.