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Thread: Stylish hats for big noggins

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    Quote Originally Posted by idvsego View Post
    one thing I like about merino is it still stays relatively warm when it gets wet. How do alpaca and cashmere do? I can google but I always like talking to someone that uses something, especially if its anything like the way I do.
    I've not used them in seriously wet conditions, but the moist-ness that occurs with melted snow between the front door and the car and things like waiting for the valet to bring the car around in similar light-snow conditions, it hasn't let me down.

    I don't use the cashmere as a workhorse, though, for total transparency. It pretty much behaves like a really really really soft wool (even though it's technically goat hair )

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    yeah, cashmere would be my "around town" and only have to deal with some misting and maybe light rain on occasion. merino is my camping/hiking choice until something can prove itself better for the money.

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    Thanks for the helpful info. Guess I’ll look for some merino beanies too!

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