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Thread: Taptalk security issues

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    When speaking with others in the forum kindly all remember Rule 1 of the forum:

    And certainly don't be, as a Scottish friend of mine would say, a wee deck, mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shade View Post
    Probably because you got caught and called-out for being a liar and bullshitter. You make the extraordinary claim "It also has an embedded keystroke logger running even when Tapatalk isnt open." about an app that a good percent of this forum uses. When I asked you for a "source", because absolutely nowhere on the internet is it even mentioned that Tapatalk has a key-logger, you couldn't come up with one, so you used yourself as the source (laughable), and of course you didnt address any of my other points about iOS being sandboxed and that it isnt possible that it's key-logging anything, and that Apple techies scour all apps before putting them on their Apple Store specifically for this type of exploit. This is something that people with even rudimentary tech-skills know. So you, Mr. "Clandestine", come up with more Secret Squirrel bullshit that "The nature of the client means that if it was public that the client knew about it, a lot of people around the world would be at immediate risk." Again, laughable. Some super secret DOD client is concerned with Tapatalk and it's so super secret they wouldnt reveal it to the public, because a lot of people around the world would be at immediate risk. So super secret that one of it's only sources posts it openly on a menswear forum. You probably shouldn't bullshit about things on a forum that people are much smarter than you in, unless you are going to go down the "LOL I WAS ONLY KIDDING" road, which makes you a dickhead because lots of people use that app and might not now because of your bullshit post. Of course, you can stick to your story and I am more than glad to contact Tapatalk and have a Tapatalk rep come and learn you on here.
    It's fun coming back here and seeing you run your mouth (fingers?) the way you are.

    You're welcome to come to Fort Meade and I'd be happy to give you a tour of the NSA some time. I mean, I'd need proof of your TS/SCI/Poly being current before you'd be allowed on campus of course, but I'm sure that won't be a problem for you right?

    Since you're so smart and know everything, ya know?

    Spoiler alert: not all the knowledge in the world is available on the internet.

    Spoiler alert 2.0: You didn't "catch" me lying or bullshitting. Send me your SSN, I'll verify your information in JPAS (because I'm an SSR and can do that) and I'd be happy to arrange a site visit for you, briefings and all.

    Or just keep running around like a spoiled brat claiming that just because someone doesn't link to a article or something they must be lying. Whatever gets you horned up, kiddo.

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    And we're done.

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