Hi folks,

I work in a fairly casual office environment (in tech), but run cold. Beyond that, living in Seattle, it's frequently chilly.

My go to for everyday wear around the office is either a shawl-collar sweater (worn with a long sleeve warmup layer underneath), or flannels (layered with the aforementioned warmup layer) and chinos.

Even with those things, I still frequently feel cold around the office. That means I often end up wearing one of my 3 staple jackets (something similar to this one most often, but sometimes this or a packable down) for most of the day.

Looking for suggestions of additional jacket-type warming layers I can incorporate. Just ordered my first thick cardigan, and that might be a good option over my flannels, but wondering if you all have alternative suggestions. Jackets? Shirt-jackets? Thick versatile sweaters? I'm open to ideas!

Thanks in advance for your guidance,