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Thread: Classy and Dappered Holiday Wear

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    Quote Originally Posted by 77Pat View Post
    I had one from Kamakura which I liked until I blew out the elbow (sold out on US site)
    perfect excuse for adding elbow patches!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 77Pat View Post
    I've been eyeing this one, and it was just part of a flash sale. But don't have the budget for it right now
    I lucked into a very similar dark green tweed w/ subtle pattern on ebay last summer and it became a staple for me last winter, particularly during Christmas holidays. Personally, I'm finding I enjoy working greens into my outfits all year round. But for the holidays in particular, I will use accessories ( second the suggestion of festive or holiday-color themed pocket squares from above) to pop a very subtle holiday/winter green jacket into a clearer but not obnoxious holiday statement.

    Personally, I did find a Masters-like green blazer w/ classic gold buttons that I will bust out maybe once a year for a quasi-over the top holiday statement for the fun of it, but I dress it down w/ business mullet dark jeans and other more informal details so as not to go too crazy.

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