I purchased this watch in late September but I missed the 30-day return window at Todd Snyder because it took me too to decide to return it. It's brand new in box and I'm selling it for what I paid: $152.15 - I had a coupon. It's currently $179 at Todd Snyder.

I would like to do an in-person exchange to avoid any headache with shipping and shipping fees. As I live in northern NJ and work in downtown NYC, it would be ideal if I can meet and do the exchange in Manhattan during the week or in northern NJ in the evening or the weekend.

Please note that it's for cash only and no return (as I missed the return window). You may contact Todd Synder for warranty issues. I'll give you the order number and other information if you need it.

Here's a review by Dappered.com: https://dappered.com/2019/11/win-it-...ue-dive-watch/

Here are some pics: