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Thread: Carmina vs. Allen Edmonds sizing

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    MassDrop explains it perfectly: (excerpt copied below)

    Length: The sizing options are UK standard lengths. The Rain last (and thus this shoe) fits true to size.

    Width: Because widths are less of an accepted standard according to Carmina, we have worked closely to determine the appropriate representation of the widths available. There are three widths at checkout, narrow, standard, and wide. For US customers, this translates to C, D, and E. If you’re an EE or an EEE width in American brands, this drop unfortunately isn’t for you. Each additional width level adds 3.18mm to the width of the shoe at its widest point.

    The width part is really important.

    Carmina D = U.S. C
    Carmina E = U.S. D
    Carmina EE = U.S. E

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    I am a 12D in all AE lasts that I've tried. Don't know the lasts by heart, but that's Park Ave, Fifth Ave, Warrick, Ashton (?) penny loafer, chukkas, and Daltons.

    The 11 UK in the Carmina loafers I bought with the Rain last were just a tad too long and too narrow. I had to send them back. My order doesn't indicate the width on it, but I would have ordered regular width.

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    I'm a 10.5D bordering on E in AE and and wear 9.5UK in Rain. Rain may fit you fine depending on where you need the width. I don't have a wide foot but need a little more room across the ball than most lasts provide. Forest or Oscar might also be better fitting options, but I can't remember which is the rounder/less chiseled of the two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jikaasik View Post
    I'm looking to try some Carminas for my next shoe purchase. Sadly, there are no brick and mortar locations for me to try them.

    Does anyone who has experience with both AE and Carmina happen to know how the sizing on a 10E Park Ave would translate into the Carmina "Rain" last?
    I am a 10D/E (high-ish instep and feet ever so slightly on the wide side in general) and wear a 10E for Park ave. Instep is perfect but there's a touch of extra room in the toebox. Rain EE (the standard Rain) in 9UK is perfect for me. Forest fits the same as Rain, just with a blobbier toe, so that would probably be a good choice for us too.
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