I've been on a 2-3 year mission to get a better winter coat option but haven't found what I'm really looking for. Right now, I wear my NorthFace hoodie style insulated coat when it is cold but will layer something like a normal hoodie underneath it when it is really cold. That all works fine, but ideally I'd like to get something that looks a little more put together.
I've looked at the Canada Goose parkas, and I kind of like them. But here in Kansas City, we don't get too many weeks of really crazy cold weather where you need something that heavy duty. I think most of the times you'd be sweating in it (I tried one on at Nordstrom, and I was freaking hot). If they had a less insulated (less bulky) one that still looked the same, that would probably be what I want. But... the price is insane. That's why I could only buy one if they had less heavy duty variety as I'd want that to work for more than just the crazy cold 4-6 weeks of Jan-Feb.
My problem is that I haven't been able to find what I really want. Most of the coats are either way too 'formal' (i.e. have to be wearing slacks) or too informal/bulky puffy coats. I think part of my challenge is that I'm not entirely sure where to look. Any ideas? What else are people wearing?

I'm a big soccer fan, and the european soccer managers always seem to have cool coats. I'd love to know what those various ones are.