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Thread: Vomit on suit

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    It's times like these I'm glad I never have more than two drinks at a time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boatshoes&bowties View Post
    At least that can be dry cleaned... my Barbour jacket that I wore out to a sales rep sponsored bar night was a little harder to take the stench out of...
    Yeah, I was going to buy one of those Flint and Tinder flannel lined truckers last year, then saw a flannel lined canvass trucker from Roamers (also on Huckberry) that wasn't waxed, and although maybe it doesn't look quite as cool, it's still pretty great. And I thought, gee it would be nice to be able to throw this thing in the wash if necessary. That was really the deciding factor. I have one waxed jacket and so far it has not been scathed to the point of needing laundering, but I don't want all my jackets to be un-launderable.
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