I've been dating my current girlfriend now, for about 8 months. She is always so super thoughtful and kind. She buys me little gifts here and there, and is always surprising me with stuff that shows me she is thinking about me. I havent much reciprocated in that area, thus the reason for this thread. I'd like to get her something special, that shows her that I think about her also. I can put together a decent outfit (in part because of this website), but when it comes to getting gifts for others, bluntly, I suck at it. I would like to get her a necklace with a charm or some kind of bracelet, but I want it to say, "you're special to me and I was thinking about you", not, "will you marry me". If anyone has anyone has any ideas of something in that area, I welcome it. I am looking for something like $100 or less. Nothing too busy, just something that lets her know that I appreciate her. TYIA.