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Thread: One button single-breasted blazer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slubby Linen View Post
    I see a lot of inexpensive one button blazers at places like and I'm not quite sure what to make of them. Some are nice looking but the one button is unconventional and seems at odds with the "rules".

    BTW, RE buttoning only one button, I was at the airport recently and a guy was wearing a sharp sport coat but had both buttons buttoned. He was college age and probably new to this stuff. I almost said something knowing my total anonymity would spare him some possible embarrassment, but didn't. Had a similar thing at the grocery store the other day. Young guy, sharp sport coat, but he hadn't snipped out the tack stitching in the vent. Again I almost said something but didn't. Still debating whether I made the right call.
    I've had people tell me they "know it's usually done" 'my' way but they prefer how it looks with both buttons done / the stitching not removed / the Hugo Boss label on the sleeve / etc. obvious faux pas they're making. I don't bother saying anything anymore unless it's a close personal acquaintance and I know they won't mind a little ribbing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MIS997 View Post
    One-button isnít offensive, but itís not a style Iím going to invest money in.

    Also, donít buy a $55 sport coat off of Amazon, no matter how many buttons it has. This should be self-explanatory.
    Are you quite sure I should not buy a sport coat from someone who also sells fishnet hoodies?
    I can't find the stationary. -- James Bond

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