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Thread: Dappered confessions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greek Trojan View Post
    Honestly I'm pro cargo shorts as well. The only issue is finding a pair that still has a presentable fit. The utilitarian nature of them makes that harder. Paired with a short sleeve top/casual polo/henley, I find it a more acceptable casual look than the shorter, tighter chino shorts menswear promotes, which often comes off preppy (which is a style I don't care for).
    Quote Originally Posted by Slubby Linen View Post
    Yeah, I think I agree. I've always been a cargo shorts guy but this past spring and summer I did chino shorts because it seemed like the proper thing to do. But you know what? I was never quite happy with the look. Then I went down to Florida last week to see family and my dad was wearing exclusively cargo shorts -- nothing fancy, just cargo shorts and polos mainly, and it was a good look. I only packed chinos and was wishing I had some cargos.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hebrew Barrister View Post
    While I'm not a fan of cargo pants or shorts, I do admit the main objection I have is the baggy fit most seem to wear them in. With a properly fitted pair, they would look much more presentable. I could see slim fitted cargo pants, a well fitted ribbed henley, and desert boots being a nice casual "rugged" fall look.
    I am on a cruise right now and grown-ass men are wearing cargo shorts to go dancing at night in the nightclub--Sometimes with dress shirts and sometimes with all manner of tank-tops and undershirts. But that's better than the big ones who are wearing their little speedos by the pool, I guess.

    I haven't worn mine at all yet. Hiking will be next week and it is nice to have the extra pockets for cargo. I used to hike a lot and I still have a very utilitarian pair with all sorts of pockets with zippers with interior pockets that close with velcro and extra belt loops to hang things on. Very handy. I got them at REI almost 20 years ago and they do not look stylish in any sense of the word.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LesserBlackDog View Post
    Blundstones have literally been on the main site before soooooo.
    Yes, and they’re being sold at Sid Mashburn, Todd Snyder, J. Crew, etc. I think they are a pretty dappered purchase, so long as you weren’t planning to wear them with a suit...

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