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I regularly sport the dress up from the ankles up with sneakers look. Here's the issue - I live in the DC area where subway service is pretty great, so I do a lot of walking to and from subway stops. For example, my everyday commute is either bike 9-9.5 miles into work (one way) or walk a mile and a quarter to the subway stop. I have a history of planter fasciitis so I'd be in pain if I wore dress shoes for that walk every day. Plus, I'd just be putting way too much wear and tear on nice dress shoes doing that day after day. Not proud of it but not going to stop either.
Have you looked at Allen Edmonds traveler shoes? SFO, LGA, etc.

They have a very cushy sole. Less dressy than a standard sole, but if it’s dreasyxenough for your job, you might want to have a look.

I have a few pairs and I could walk all day in them.