Way back when I was a sophomore in college (1999), I purchased a dark blue, Polo "Newsboy" work jacket. It had incredibly thin corduroy-like lines on it and was flannel lined and lightly filled. At the time, I had no idea to know what a mainstay it would be for me. It's been tailored maybe three times now over the 20 years. The last straw for me was that I have to replace the pockets, yet again (I don't keep anything in them but my hands!). I decided enough was enough. It's a great coat but I've run my course with my 'ole pal. Time to finally replace this faithful legend.

I ask the group to pour forth their experience and wisdom to help guide me to my next 20 year coat.

Here's what I can tell you about me:
  • I'm active and am always on the go. I get around mostly by walking or the bus. Occasionally bikeshare and sometime, although rarely, I drive. This means, I'm always out in the elements. I live in Oregon. It rains a lot, sometimes it's pretty windy and it's cold. Not freezing but damn close. I'm not asking for a rain coat. This coat comes out if I have an umbrella or it's the dead of winter and the rain is gone and only the frigid cold remains.
  • I like tailored fits. Not tight but closely cropped. It helps keep the wind out.
  • No parkas.
  • A classic, timeless look would be nice. Nothing too trendy or ready to go out of vogue next season (IE: Quilted. I've already got one anyway.)
  • I'm open to exterior materials. Heavy cotton or wool, even waxed could be possible so long as...
  • ... it's lined. This could be the single most important element. The Polo had a nicely filled, soft flannel lining. It was delightful to slip into. Never cold, always comfy. This one also must have the same kind of feel.
  • I don't want to say price isn't an issue but I'm patient and will wait for a deal, then strike. So for now, let's just say it's not an issue.

Thus far, I've only found one example of a potential candidate. The Flint & Tinder Mill Jacket. Great looking work style coat but even after speaking with customer support, nobody could give me any information on the fill count, or thickness, of the liner inside. So, I've passed only because of that. It looks like it is a strong contender though.

All that said, please provide your thoughts on what a suitable replacement would be. I'm all ears.