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To me we’ve gotten to the point where there isn’t much of a difference in phone models year over year. Except for maybe the camera but I don’t take many pictures so that feature doesn’t really appeal to me. I upgraded earlier this year but only because my iPhone 6 wouldn’t make it through the day without having to be charged 2-3 times. That being said I upgraded to the iPhone XR and have liked it.
Totally agree. There is definitely planned obsolescence as well. My old phone wasn't getting any system updates and it got to the point where certain apps wouldn't install unless I used an old version. But, there didn't seem to be any logical reason for any of this as they release "new" phones with the same RAM and processing speed as my old phone that do get system updates.

One thing holding me back from getting a new phone is they no longer offer the medium-grey back in the Note models and I like that color. I have considered the blue. I know that color is a silly reason as I could just skin the phone with whatever color.