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That's not at all paranoid.
So some things to think about.

1. The fingerprint scanner on your phone is done by translating your finger print in to a complex mathematical algorithm. That algorithm is then checked against what is stored in a database. If they match, you are let in to your phone. But what happens if/when that database is hacked and all those numbers are out in the wild? You cannot change your fingerprint, and yet whenever that algorithm is run, it is your fingerprint that gets registered, even if you're not there to run it. So while bio-metrics is all the shizzle right now, it can go to hell pretty quick.

2. Law enforcement regularly subpoenas Amazon, Google, etc. for access to what might have been captured / overhead of in the privacy of your own home. Thinking of asking Amazon for the price of a new shovel and then your boss goes missing the next week? Yeah. Those records will be sent to the police. Even if you just wanted the shovel to plant a tree.

3. Amazon's ring sevice (where there is a camera in the doorbell) forms a mesh network with other devices capturing photos of who comes to your door. If there is a break in five blocks over, the police are given access to all the photos of people who were at your door over X number of days.

4. Highways and roads are using the Bluetooth in your phone and car to track you for purposes of 'traffic flow monitoring'. Ever think what will happen to that information if a) your boss goes missing or b) your wife thinks you're having an affair and decides to request the information about you and your car...

The question is, are we paranoid ENOUGH?

Anyway. Back to me getting a new surveillance device that I can carry with me at all times.