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Thread: OCBDs

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    Quote Originally Posted by MIS997 View Post
    Kamakura makes the best for the money in my opinion...they aren’t cheap by any means, but they aren’t going to break the bank.

    The materials are great, and if you buy the “sport” version, the cuffs and collars are non-fused. The collar is long enough to make a great roll.

    This is the OCBD that you’re looking for...Treat yoself
    +1. They really are that good!

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    For those who don't mind a stiffer collar and who are reasonably fit, the Nordstrom trim fit house brand is excellent. The 15.5 trim fit is perfect on me. With JCrew, the medium slim is right in the waist but too tight across the shoulders.

    I wouldn't wear one casually due to the collar, but for wearing one under a sport coat (or under a sweater at the office), they're great.

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