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Thread: Has anyone “outgrown” Dappered?

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    I wouldn't hate to see a few more non-style related posts that seemed to be more frequent in the earlier years. The Dappered Space series and this 2013 feature from the home page are good examples of what I mean.

    That being said I still find the content on the site to be somewhat useful. Like just about everyone else mentioned I know what brands I like and I typically tend to purchase from them. The daily/weekly sales roundups seem to feature the same items week to week and that gets a bit old for my taste. I rarely buy anything I see featured on the main site, but I find it to be a good place to get style ideas from. Ideas and inspiration I can then take to finding items from the brands I know work for me.

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    Occasionally they have Next Level/Too Expensive

    Thought of this because one of my email accounts just got a $100 discount to Cobbler Union...

    And the store I was thinking before was Club Monaco, first time I had heard of it was on this site.
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