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The dude from art of manliness is kinda yolked now, but I don't know if he counts...
Yeah Brett is basically an amateur powerlifter now, even having competed (though not competitive per se). He's really not a style guy though, he just gets the basics out, much like Dappered tends to.

As for this topic, I agree with the idea that people miss the excitement of discovery, transformation, growth and consumerism that happens when you first start the journey. The mens fashion scene burst on the scene and a bunch of guys could finally get good, real advice on how to dress properly that wasn't from a fashion first, show off perspective. Problem is that after a while, you've mastered the fundamentals and you lose the sense of progress, the thrill of novelty, the buying sprees and discovery and the new attention from others, which is now all normal. Its quite right that Dappered as "The Power of Boring, and the Danger of Boredom" as a featured post right now. Dappered is one of the only sites I still visit occasionally because its easier to thumb through the curation rather than shop through dozens of sites online. Style was always a means to an end for me and sense then I've moved on to bodybuilding/fitness/diet myself, while working on my social skills (which are still a work in progress). "Upgrading" from Dappered reads to me as a transition to style as a hobby more than some more advanced level of haberdashery.

There is value in higher end brands but I don't think its some upgraded form of style or sophistication. The Buy it for Life justification often fails to me because the people who make it tend to buy clothes more often than ones who stick with "mall-brands." I can see buying a few high end pieces you know you'll use the hell out of but I don't think Dappered need to nessessarily pivot to it.