Hey folks. I'm a trying to find a pair of boots for this upcoming winter. I already have several pairs of boots but none that can do what this new pair must do. I need something that will have decent traction on ice. My Sorel Caribous have great traction but they look like monster trucks strapped to my feet. I'm hoping to find something way less bulky and way better looking. I'll be walking a decent amount with them on snow and ice, mainly going to and from transit to get to work and for running errands. I work in an office and I would like to have something that I wouldn't have to change out of upon arrival. I don't wear a suit to work but I would still like these boots to look decently "dressed up". Budget is $150-200. They will be semi-beaters that will get slush and salt on them. They don't need to be that warm either. Hoping for something readily available, either from a bricks and mortar store or an online store with a good shipping and return policy. Any suggestions? I'll probably only need to start wearing them in the next 3 or so months but I'm just trying to get a feel for what my options might be. Even if you can just suggest a certain style, that would help me get started.

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