So I'm wondering about the proper sleeve length on a dress shirt. I'm 5'10.5'', 180. I purchased a 16 1/2, 32/33 "fitted" shirt, Stafford brand from JCP. When I relax my arms at the side and leave the sleeve cuff unbuttoned, it comes to just above the "V" between my thumb and index finger, which some sites say is the right length. But then of course when the cuff is buttoned and I raise my arm over my head, the sleeve pulls down to almost mid forearm and I feel as though I need more slack in the sleeve.

Now I don't normally go around needing to raise my arms straight up when I'm wearing a dress shirt, but I guess I'm used to the extra slack that a 34/35 would come with...which I concede probably looks rumpled when my arms are at my sides. So is the pulling that you get when you lift your arms just something you're supposed to get used to when wearing an appropriately sized dress shirt?

Thanks for any advice. Sorry for the absurdity of the question.