For those not tracking, AE is doing a second shell trunk show this coming weekend and next.

Ashley posted this on another style related forum:

We listened closely to feedback from the last show, and our team worked VERY hard to bring you what we think is one of the best shows we've ever constructed. I'm excited to hear your feedback!

On to the good stuff:


- The first leg of the event will go live Friday, 9/13/19 in San Francisco, South Coast Plaza, and Chicago Michigan Ave.
- The second leg of the event will go live Friday 9/20/19 in NY Madison Ave, DC City Center, and Orlando.
- These events will run from 6PM until close of business.

** Although non “host” stores will not be having actual in store events or physical samples, you are absolutely are encouraged to reach out to your home stores to participate in this show! You can call in to any store, and you can shop in person with any store.**

- I will personally be attending the launch of the first leg in South Coast Plaza, and I sincerely hope I am able to meet as many of you as possible! If you can clear your calendar that day, or if any of you are feeling up for a bit of a roadtrip, Dan, his team and I would love to have you!


- Colors offered for this cordovan event will be Brown, Black, Burgundy, Navy, and Green.

- In addition to these offerings, for the first time ever, we are introducing CHILI CORDOVAN! This is a color created by Horween SPECIALLY for AE. Even more exciting– there are no limits to the amount of orders able to be placed for Chili cordovan! Sample Photos to follow shortly.

- Beyond these offerings open to all customers and all stores, we will also be providing each HOST store with 10 pairs of Shaved Cordovan, for in store participants only. This color is first come first serve, and is intended to help provide incentive to customers to attend in person.


Higgins Mill $725
Dalton $725
Leeds $695
MacNeil $695
Cornwallis $695
Randolph $695
Strand $695
Fifth Ave $695

From the Vault:
Fifth Street $695
Bayfield $725
Dundee $695

(is anyone hyperventilating yet?)

- You will be able to choose from a black, buff, or antique edge (a translucent brown).
- You will also be able to select a flat welt or a split reverse welt.


Standard Redenbach, Commando, Vtread, Black Dainite


- The usual $120 special makeup fee is waived during this event
- All sales are NON REFUNDABLE- please be certain of your size, and please note that natural variances of lighter shell are completely normal and expected!
- We are not accepting out of size range makes at this time, and we aren’t accepting any customization beyond what’s outlined here.
- We expect a quote time of around 8-12 weeks- but we’d rather do it beautifully than quick
- PLEASE feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!
Who's getting what?