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I had a good experience at the one in Las Vegas a few years ago. Wound up buying a Napoli. The associate who helped me was probably in his 20s but was knowledgable. Amazingly the suit didn't need any tailoring other than the pants hemmed, which they did while I waited. My tip would be to prepared for fits that are quite a bit slimmer than typical off-the-rack fits. In particular the jacket waists are basically pre-suppressed and pretty aggressively.
This ^^ I was in the Vegas store and the experience was amazing. If we were not in the middle of summer holiday, with a messy car and a bunch of camping gear, I likely would have purchased a new suit. That's how impressed I was. Luckily (?) my role in the office has changed and I no longer wear a suit four days a week, so my suit wearing is now where it used to be. But still. Totally impressed with the service.