I have always struggle with casual shoes. I either have my brightly color Nike running shoes or dress shoes or boots (bought a pair of Magnanni boots that should last forever a couple of years ago). The Nikes are perfectly fine in the summer when I'm shorts and a t-shirt, but I know I need to up my game for the cooler months though I live in KC where outside of maybe 4 weeks, it doesn't get insanely cold for an extended period. It's still cold but no northeastern, upper midwest winters here.

My go to pant option in the cooler months is the Bonobos washed stretch chinos. I have a few different colors, but I tend to wear the Cognos (kind of army green) the most. I've been on a no jean thing for a few years running now.
Given our climate, I'm likely to layer the upper half, so on weekends, when we are doing kid stuff, I might have a short or long sleeve t-shirt under some sort of hoodie or jacket. If it's actually cold, I'll wear my midweight, packable Northface jacket - typically over a hoodie. In the past I've just worn my standard Nike's with this type of outfit - which is fine... but dresses you down too much. I feel like I might look a little sloppy.

All that said, I want to up my shoe game - I'd like to find some 'sneakers' that are as comfortable as my Nikes, but could actually be worn in a nicer casual setting and not look like sloppy. A lot of people like the all white shoes, but I've never like those nor I have like the shoes where the laces seem to start too low on the shoe.

My initial foray towards this goal was to purchase these York Athletic shoes from Huckberry - https://huckberry.com/store/york-ath...low-optic-mesh. They just arrived today, and while I like them, I think I might return them because I feel like on the athletic shoes to casual shoe scale, they are a little too far over on the athletic side. If I was trying to find some shoes to fit into an athleisure bucket, these would be perfect. But... I tried them on with my Bonobos chinos, and they seem too close to my Nikes albeit not so brightly colored. They have also a really interesting mesh body that is designed to keep you cool, but that probably defeats my purpose of a shoe for the cooler months.

While looking at those York shoes, I also ran across these - https://huckberry.com/store/oliver-c...iner-exclusive. Comically expensive for sneakers, but the description leads me to believe that these are made of very high quality material. It doesn't hurt that two of the pictures match what I wear a lot of in the cooler months (army greenish chinos and tshirt - grey in this case). The pictures also make me think this or something like this is closer to what I'm trying to find. But that price...

What other suggestions do people have about nicer looking casual shoes? People will probably mention the Killshots. I've look at them before, and they are a bit too minimalist for me in physical size. I am by no means a big guy, but I "don't skip leg day", and I just feel physically slender shoes like the Killshots look funny on people with even a little bit of muscle. I need something with just slightly more heft. Example - the Rennes trainers I linked look to have a bit more material on them.

***I titled this sneaker edition because I have the same question about casual, non sneaker varieties. We can leave those suggestions to a different thread.