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Thread: Casual shoes - sneakers edition

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    I'll hop on the Adidas bandwagon and suggest the campus in gray nubuck. Almost identical to the gazelle but without the apron around the toe box.

    I'm not a huge fan of those Oliver Campbells. I honestly think they're way too expensive for that style of sneaker. If you're sold on a trainer then I suggest taking a look at Everlane's new Tread line.

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    I've got a pair a Puma Baskets that I love. White with the black stripe. Very comfortable shoe and pairs well with most summer casual wear. And I can't help but always give a rec for Vans. So many options for the Authentic and Era. Between the Era, Authentic, and Classic Slip-ons, I have ten or so pair. Trying to enjoy them for the last time, as the older I get, my feet are becoming too wide. Such is life.

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    The Oliver Cabell's arrived today, and I must say I'm quite happy with them. Kind of shocking how you can tell they are of a much higher quality level. The 'trainer' shoe shape fits me better too; I like that they have a bit of 'substance' to them versus a slimmer profiled shoe. They strike the right balance of nicer looking sneaker that could be ok in one notch above casual.

    My only concern is how the heck will I keep them clean... For the cost and intent, I'm going to need to keep these looking sparkling clean.
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    I realize that it's a personal preference, but I would have bought at least three pairs of sneakers for the hefty price tag of the Oliver Cabell's. I plan to get these to be exact:

    All for $214.99 plus tax

    There are other color options available in my three selections. I also like this option and I just might treat myself!

    These GATs are an excellent deal when they offer a code. I have gotten them at $89 before but $99 is the norm for hand made trainers. They now have several color schemes available. Scroll down for the sneakers.

    Here's a good review:

    I prefer to get the most bang for my hard-earned bucks! Again, it's a matter of personal preference.
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