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Thread: BR Legacy Denim and New Slim Fit

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    BR Legacy Denim and New Slim Fit

    I was in the market for a new pair of grey denim (favorite pair just developed a bit of a crotch blowout), so I figured I would give the new Banana Republic Legacy Denim a try. I got the "Grey Wash."

    This should be a big heads up to everyone who has found their size in BR Denim. I've been a fan of BR's Rapid Movement denim for a while, so I ordered my same size I get in them (33/30). For the Rapid Movement Denim, I find the waist on the 33 to be every so slightly snug, but the fit of the thigh and the leg opening feels really close to perfect. The 34/30 ends up feeling a little loose in the waist and much baggier over all, resulting in less of a slim fit than I would like.

    On the Legacy Denim product page under the fit and sizing section we get this:
    "NEW Slim Fit: Mid-rise. Slim through thigh. Updated slim leg opening measures 7" flat."

    When I tried on the Legacy Denim, I found them to be much slimmer and tighter pretty much everywhere. The waist was a bit too snug to be comfortable, the thighs were skin tight, and they hugged my calves pretty hard. I am going to be returning them and trying the 34/30. Frankly, I'm hopeful that this means the 34/30 will be even closer to the perfect fit than the 33/30 was for me in the Rapid Movement.

    While the Rapid Movement Denim has visually looked like it has a lot of texture due to the washes, the fabric itself is actually fairly smooth. The Legacy Denim on the other hand has a larger twill texture to it. This is something I personally find appealing - it makes the denim feel a bit more rugged. I couldn't find how thick the Rapid Movement Denim's fabric is, but the Legacy Denim is 14oz and feels significantly heavier than the Rapid Movement's. They feel less stretchy than the Rapid Movements as well, but I feel like that is more of a statement of how much stretch the Rapid Movements have than the Legacy Denim not being stretchy enough. Even though they are decently heavy, I the fabric is pretty soft, so there won't be any break in time needed. Overall I really like the fabric they are using here and am hoping that I can get them in the right fit.

    I can only speak towards the "Grey Wash," but I really like how it looked in real life. It is darker than it is on screen by a decent amount, which is a bit of a bummer as I would have preferred them to be a bit lighter to match the pair that I was replacing, but they were hardly "too dark" (I personally don't care for black denim, or black pants in general). They Legacy Denim comes in 6 different colors, which is nice, but BR's naming system for these colors is a bit asinine. They come in "Rinse Dark Wash," "Light Wash," "Medium Wash", "Medium Wash", "Medium Wash", "Grey Wash", and "Grey Wash." 3 medium washes and 2 grey washes? Lovely job at naming there, BR.

    Personally I see these being a big win at $98, given they are about $20 cheaper than the Rapid Movement Denim. That said, I'm pretty much automatically factoring in a 40%+ sale in to that price, as I would never pay full price for BR stuff. Here's to hoping that the 34/30 fits me better and I can give a bit more of an opinion after wearing them for a while.

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    Thanks for the write up. I am also a big fan of the BR rapid movement denim. The 32/30 are pretty much spot on for me. During a recent sale I was debating whether to try the legacy denim or stick with the rapid movement.

    The rapid movement won out and I ordered a pair in "medium wash". I agree that their nomenclature for color in not helpful.

    If you go for the larger size please report back how they fit. It would be helpful information if I decide to try a pair if sizing up will result in a similar fit.

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    Thanks for the review! I’ve been wondering about these jeans but your review is the first one I’ve come across. I like the rapid movement too, but it does seem to stretch out too much in between washes.

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